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Micro Combustion Calorimeter, ASTM D7309

Micro Combution Calorimeter determines fundamental thermo-chemical data in seconds and predicts fire properties of materials.
  • GD-7309

Micro Combustion Calorimeter, ASTM D7309

Micro Combustion Calorimeter


The micro combustion calorimeter can determine the basic chemical calorific value in a few minutes and predict the fire resistance of the material. This technology can quickly determine parameters such as specific heat release rate (W/g), heat of combustion (J/g) and ignition temperature (°C) with a small sample (1-10mg), low cost, high accuracy, Typical repeatability is ± 5%. 

Reference Standard: 

ASTM D7309-2007, EMC 89/336/EEC, LVD 72/23/EEC, BS EN 60204-1, BS EN 746-2

Main Features:

1. Integrated structure design, beautiful and generous.

2. Combustion furnace: the program controls the temperature of the combustion furnace to heat to the specified temperature, the temperature is constant, and the temperature drift does not exceed 5K/h. Equipped with an over-temperature protection device to protect the safety of equipment and personnel during the test.

3. Temperature range: room temperature - 1000°C, imported heating wire, over-temperature protection, high-performance heating elements, longer service life.

4. Multiple heat dissipation devices facilitate the heat dissipation of the instrument.

5. The sample heating rate is adjustable.

6. There is a temperature sensor under the sample cup.

7. The sample cup can be moved automatically into the combustion furnace, and the special design ensures soft contact.

8. The equipment provides two ambient pyrolysis test modes: anaerobic and aerobic.

9. High-precision MFC (mass flow controller), controlling the intake volume of air, oxygen and nitrogen, the response time is less than 1S, and the accuracy is F.S±1%.

10 Imported oxygen sensor, range: 0-100%, T90<6S. Accuracy is ±0.1%, linear range: F.S±1%.

11. The equipment testing speed is fast and the detection is convenient.

12. LABVIEW data acquisition software, configured with computer control.

13. Display the running status of the equipment in real time.

14. Calibrate equipment and store calibration data results.

15. Collect data during the test.

16. Calculate heat release rate coefficient (W/g), heat of combustion (J/g), ignition temperature (°C) and other parameters.


Power AC220V,16A
About 80 kg
Passenger gas supply Oxygen and nitrogen with purity above 99.5%

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