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Plastic Horizontal and Vertical Combustion Tester, UL94

Plastic Horizontal and Vertical Combustion Tester is mainly used to determine the non-combustibility of plastics or films under the direct combustion of the specified fire source. Thus, it can judge the fire resistance grade of refractory materials.
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Plastic Horizontal and Vertical Combustion Tester, UL94


For plastic materials, flammable is a very important inspection point. Many plastic components must pass the UL94 standard. For manufacturers of plastic materials, we can provide an automated, intelligent UL94 plastic horizontal vertical combustion tester.

Plastic Horizontal and Vertical Combustion Tester

The horizontal vertical combustion test machine is mainly used to measure the non -combustion performance of the plastic under the direct combustion of the plastic or thin film to determine the refractory level of the refractory material. UL 94 is one of the most important ULs and one of the important standards for fire safety tests. It is particularly important for plastic used in the electrical industry.


GB/T 2408                                      

UL 94

Test sample:

The fixture of the device is suitable for stripe samples. The size of the sample should be 125 ± 5mm long and 13.0 ± 0.5mm wide. The thickness should provide the minimum and maximum thickness of the material, but the thickness should not exceed 13mm. The edge should be smooth and the diameter should not exceed 1.3mm. The horizontal combustion test should be prepared at least 6 test samples, and 20 test samples should be prepared for vertical combustion tests.

   Test Parameter:   

  • Burn position: Pneumatic;

  • Time to ignite: 0 ~ 99.99 seconds to set at any, and manually record the time and time of the aftermath;

  • Flame height: adjustable;

  • Angle conversion: push -pull device 90 ° 20 ° 45 °;

  • Burner: The US imported lamps meet the requirements of ASTM D5025-99;

  • Flow meter: 0 ~ 500ml/min;

  • The inner diameter of the burner is: 9.5mm.


  • Dimension: 1050mm(W)×750mm(D)×1400mm(H);

  • Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz 1A;

  • Gas source: methane, air (prepared by the customer).

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