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IEC 60695 Glow Wire Tester

The glow wire tester meets the IEC 60695-2-10 test standard. The glow wire tester is suitable for plastics used in electrical and electronic products, household appliances, and their non-metallic insulating material parts, such as switch housings, relay sockets, etc.
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IEC 60695 Glow Wire Tester

Glow wire tester IEC 60695-2-10


Glow wire tester is designed and produced in accordance with the standards "Glow Wire Test Method" of IEC60695-2-10, GB/T5169.10-2006, GB/T5169.13-2006, and GB4706.1. It is suitable for the requirements of fire hazard testing of electronic and electrical products, household appliances and materials, and simulates the thermal stress caused by heat or ignition sources such as burning components or overload resistance in a short time.

IEC 60695 Glow wire tester adopts the integrated design of the cavity part and the control part, which is convenient for installation and debugging. The outer shell and important parts of the test chamber are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to smoke and gas corrosion. The automatic adjustment control system adopts SCR current to achieve the purpose of precise temperature control. The time and temperature can be displayed digitally, which is convenient for observation and recording. It is stable in use and reliable in test results.


IEC60695-2-10 ~ 13, (GB / T5169.10-13-2006) "Glowing / hot - wire based test methods, glow-wire test apparatus and common test methods" 

UL 746A




other standards


1.  The temperature range is digital display adjustable from 500 to 1000 ℃.

2.  Temperature error: ± 10 ℃ (500 ~ 750 ℃); ± 15 ℃ (750 ~ 1000 ℃), temperature measuring instruments Accuracy ± 0.5 magnitude.

3.  Temperature sensors: Φ0.5K type armored thermocouple, thermocouple imports.

4.  Pressure applied to the specimen: 0.8N ~ 1.2N, and limit the indentation depth of at least 7mm.

5.  Timing range: 0 to 99 minutes 99 seconds adjustable, and having Shi burning time (Ta, generally according to standards set to 30), second holding burning time (Ti) and the flame goes out time (Te) of the timer.

6.  Time error is ± 1s.

7.  Ignited bedding layer: 10mm thick white pine wood, covered 12g / m2 ~ 30g / m2 standard tissue paper, from under the glow wire 200mm ± 5mm.

8.  Instrument operation is simple, stable and reliable temperature measurement system, and automatic temperature compensation.

9.  Power supply: AC220V ± 10% / 50Hz. (Other power specifications can be customized.

IEC 60695-2 Glow Wire Tester GD- IEC 60695-10A Glow Wire Tester

Glow wire tester (3)GD-IEC60695-10A Glow Wire Tester

IEC 60695-2 Glow Wire Tester for Plastic
IEC 60695-2 Glow Wire Tester for Plastic (2)

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