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ASTM E 662, ISO 5659 NBS Smoke Density Chamber

NBS Smoke Density Tester is satisfied with standards ASTM E 662, BS6401, ISO 5659, NES 711, NEPA 258, etc. NBS Smoke Density Tester is mainly used to determine the density of smoke generated by the burning of materials. Through flame or flameless combustion mode, the light transmittance of the material is reduced after the smoke is detected, and the maximum smoke density value is obtained, and according to the thermal weight loss of the material, Measure the optical density of the material.
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ASTM E 662, ISO 5659 NBS Smoke Density Chamber

ISO 5659 ASTM E662 NBS Smoke density chamber


Smoke Box (Smoke Density Chamber) measures optical density of smoke generated from test sample when test sample of certain thickness is exposed to heat source(2.5W/cm2, 25kW/m2 using by ASTM E 662 furnace) or fire in a chamber.

Smoke Density Tester is satisfied with standards ASTM E 662, BS6401, ISO 5659, NES 711, NEPA 258, etc.

Using ISO 5659 conical radiant heat furnace, We can change the heating condition from 10 kW/m2 to 50kW/m2 or 70kW/m2 according to different requirements.

In the test of NES 711, there are non-flaming test and flaming test in test conditions different from ASTM E 662. This test method is increasingly used in interior material of rolling stock, low power incombustible cable and interior film, etc.


ASTM E 662 : Standard Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials

BSI 6401 : British Standard Method for Measurement, in the laboratory, of the specific optical density of smoke generated by materials

ISO 5659-2 : Plastics-Smoke generation -Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single-chamber test

NES 711 : Determination of the Smoke Index of Products of combustion from Small Specimens of Material 


1.  Integrated body and 19” analysis rack (Saving space).
2.  17” touch screen panel type PC for the whole control and automatic testing.
3.  Air cylinder type movement to load sample or automatically open the up/down vent(highly resistant to pollution from test).
4.  Coating of the test chamber convenient in cleaning and resistant to chemicals.
5.  Lock designed to close the chamber door at a time.
6.  Indication of transmission rate and smoke density with improved accuracy.
7.  Chamber preheat system to facilitate test with more accuracy.
8.  Safety blow-out panel system to protect user when pressure is sharply increased during test.
9.  Port, heated filter, and heated line to measure toxic gases.
10.  Manometer gauge with increased accuracy by using the MFC(Mass Flow Controller) and DPT(Differential Pressure Transducer) enabling auto leakage test.
11.  Portable water cooling system without need for waterworks and plumbing when using the Heat Fluxmeter (for ISO 5659).
12.  Load cell with increased accuracy to measure mass loss rate in ISO 5659 test.
13.  SB 2005 DAQ(Data Acquisition) Program to control the use of touch screen panel PC.

ASTM+E662+Radiant+Heat+Furnace                  ISO+5659-2+Radiator+Cone

Test Results:

• Laboratory Information 
• User’s CI 
• Specimen Conditions 
• Time from start of test, t(s) 
• Transmission(%) and specific optical density, Ds 
• Maximum Ds and time to maximum Ds 
• Correction Ds 
• Current range setting and filter position 
• Current mass(g) for ISO 5659



1,600(w) × 820(D) × 2,150(H)


220 V AC, 60 Hz, 15 A


350 kg




50 l/s


Compressed Air, Propane Gas, Personal Computer, Dust Collector

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