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BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester

Fire Propagation Index Tester meets the BS476-6 test standard. It is mainly used to evaluate the fire resistance of wall and ceiling linings, and the test results are expressed in terms of flame propagation index.
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BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester

BS 476-6 fire Propagation index tester


BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester developed in accordance with the test method BS 476-6. Many British and Hong Kong's building materials or construction products must be tested by BS 476-6 spread index of flame. BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester is suitable for indoor wall materials, insulation materials, ceiling materials. For example, glass, steel plate, LED display, etc., in order to measure the flame spread index.


* Building Materials

* Rail



BS 476-6---Fire test to Building Material - Fire Propagation

   Main Features:   

  1. Stainless steel support frame and Calcium silicate board combustion chamber.

  2. Three kinds of sample holders for different thicknesses of the specimens.

  3. Low reflective black finished mild steel Chimney and Cowl assembly complete with thermocouple mounting points.

  4. Compliant stainless steel gas burner.

  5. Two K-type minerals insulated thermocouples complete with ceramic insulators.

  6. Two pencil-type heaters with 1000w installed in the combustion chamber.

  7. Control gas instrumentation including electronic gas on/off valve, flow regulating valve, flow meter, and manometer.

  8. Intelligent single-phase power controller with a feedback loop for accurate control of electric heating elements

  9. DAQ records automatically the mV output from the thermocouples of the flue gases throughout the duration of the test.

  10. According to the test time, automatically adjust the output power.

Data Acquisition system:

  1. Prompted software interface

  2. Data recording and display of cowl temperature against time

  3. Data recording and display of ambient temperature against time

  4. Display of power value in kW

  5. Calibration routine

  6. Calculation of output rise and calibration value



Product name BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester
Standard BS 476-6
230 volts Nominal 10 Amps
Ambient Temperature
Operating 10°C to 35°C
Gas Supplies
The gas supply specified in the Standard is Standard test gas G112, as specified in BS 4947.
Gas flow for burner adjustable from 0 to 5 nl/min.
Apparatus Dimensions
400mm (W) x 600mm x (H) x 300mm (D)
Control module
400mm (W) x 500mm x (H) x 400mm (D)
about 50kg

   Product Details:   

BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester 2    BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester 1

BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester 3    BS 476-6 Fire Propagation Index Tester 4

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