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  • Ship Non-combustibility tester and VOC test chamber to Indonesia

    This week we completed our Indonesia customer's order for BS 476-4 Non-combustibility tester and Small Formaldehyde VOC Environmental Test Chamber.Non-combustibility tester comples with ISO 1182, BS 476-4 test standards. Formaldehyde VOC Environmental Test Chamber complies with JIS A 1901.

  • Investigate Factors for the Reaction of Materials to Fire

    Investigate Factors for the Reaction of Materials to FireReaction to fire is an important feature for evaluating the fire performance of materials. Fire protection regulations usually consider the following factors:Flame spreadBurning drippingHeat releaseSmoke production: opacity and toxicityCone Ca

  • Cable Corrosion Tester for IEC 60754-1 and IEC 60754-2

    Cable Corrosion Tester for IEC 60754-1 and IEC 60754-2Cable corrosion tester includes the Electric control box, Heating furnace, Electromagnetic stirrer, Conductivity meter, and PH meter. It complies the IEC 60754-1 and IEC 60754-2. It is suitable for the acidity of the gas released by the materials

  • Fire Characteristics of Building Materials

    Fire Characteristics of Building Materials The fire characteristics of building materials are mainly combustion performance, fire resistance limit, toxicity and smoke generation during combustion.The combustion performance of building materials is divided into four levels, namely Class A is non-comb

  • Order of NFPA 701-1 Curtain Flame Propagation Tester

    On May 31, we exported a GD-NFPA701-1 Curtain Flame Propagation Tester to a company in Korean.

  • What test devices are included in EN 13501-1 for Fire classification of construction products?

    EN 13501-1: 2018 Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests. EN 13501-1 Classification of fire protection:Seven levels of fire protection rating: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F or A1fl, A2fl, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl, Efl, Ffl or A1L

  • ECE R 118 series Devices

    Applicable materials of ECE R 118 Appendix 6 Horizontal Burning Rate Tester:Finished filling materials for padded seats (including driver's seat) and its accessories, roof linings, side walls and rear wall linings, including partition walls, heat or sound-related materials, floor linings, luggage ra

  • What is the oxygen index test?

    What is the oxygen index test?Oxygen concentration values are known as the Oxygen Index (OI) or, historically, the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). The oxygen concentration is measured using a paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and is controlled by varying the relative flow of oxygen and nitrogen through a ve

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