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  • What test devices are included in EN 13501-1 for Fire classification of construction products?

    EN 13501-1:2018标准前言EN 13501-1:2018 supersedes EN 13501-1: 2007+A1:2009, Published Date: December 2018, This European Standard (EN 13501-1:2018) shall be given the status of a national standard, either by the publication of an identical text or by endorsement, at the latest by June 2019, and conflict

  • ECE R 118 series Devices

    Applicable materials of ECE R 118 Appendix 6 Horizontal Burning Rate Tester:Finished filling materials for padded seats (including driver's seat) and its accessories, roof linings, side walls and rear wall linings, including partition walls, heat or sound-related materials, floor linings, luggage ra

  • What is the oxygen index test?

    What is the oxygen index test?Oxygen concentration values are known as the Oxygen Index (OI) or, historically, the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). The oxygen concentration is measured using a paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and is controlled by varying the relative flow of oxygen and nitrogen through a ve

  • ISO 1182 Non-Combustibility Tester to USA

    In November, our customer from a lab in the USA purchased our GD-ISO1182 Building Material Non-Combustibility Tester.

  • ISO 1716 Bomb Calorimeter to Norway

    In September, a customer from Norway purchased our GD-1716 Bomb Calorimeter for building material heat of combustion test. We have completed production in late September.

  • EN ISO 1716 Bomb Calorimeter for building Products- Determination of the heat of combustion

    Bomb calorimeter - The calorific value of the sample is measured.

  • Wire and Cable Fire-Resistant Test and Flame Retardant Test

    flame retardant In order to evaluate the flame retardant performance of the cable, the International Electrotechnical Commission has formulated three standards, IEC60332-1, IEC60332-2 and IEC60332-3. IEC60332-1 and IEC60332-2 are used to evaluate the flame retardant ability of a single cable when it

  • What is the difference between fire-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables?

    What is the difference between fire-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables?Fire-resistant cableFire resistance refers to the ability to maintain a certain period of operation in the case of flame combustion, that is, to maintain the integrity of the circuit. This type of cable has a certain tim

  • Determination of Combustion Properties in Cone Calorimeter

    Determination of combustion properties in cone calorimeter A plurality of performance parameters of the combustion debris can be obtained using a cone calorimeter, such as heat release rate, mass loss rate, smoke generation rate, effective heat of combustion, ignition time, and toxicity and corrosivity concerning combustion gases. These performance parameters are determined under stable, real, and controllable conditions, and can be repeated at different times and locations. Therefore, it can be used as a reference for literature reference data to provide literature data for more research materials.

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