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Needle Flame Tester IEC 60695

Needle Flame Tester is designed and produced according to the relevant provisions of the national standards GB4706.1-1998, GB5169.5-1997 and UL1694. It is suitable for the simulation test of small flame ignition source program in the industries of insulating materials, plastics or other solid combustible materials.
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Needle Flame Tester IEC 60695

Needle Flame Tester IEC 60695-11


Needle Flame Tester is in accordance with national standards GB4706.1-1998 to design and produce. The tester applies for lighting, low-voltage electrical equipment, household appliances, electrical machines, motors, power tools, electronic equipment, electrical instruments, electrical connectors, accessories and other electrical and electronic equipment and parts, component research, production and quality control departments and insulating materials, plastic or other solid combustible materials industry to carry on small-flaming ignition experiments.

Needle flame tester uses a standard size (Φ0.9mm) needle burner .and burns the sample with specific gas (butane) at the angle of 45 °. we determine the ignition risk of the small flame caused by fault conditions in the equipment by testing the sample burning situation, burning time and burning length.





IEC60695-11-5 etc.

   Technical Parameters:   

1.  Needle burner: stainless steel, inner diameter of ¢ 0.5 ± 0.1mm, an outer diameter of not more than ¢ 0.9mm, length 35mm more needles, no air access.

2.  The burner angle: vertical (when adjusting and measuring the flame height) or inclined 45 ° (the test).

3.  Combustion gases: 95% butane gas or propane gas.

4.  Ignited bedding layer: white pine plank (thickness 10mm), surface covering 12 ~ 30g / m2 standard tissue paper layer is applied at lower flame from 200mm ± 5mm.

5.  Temperature range: 0--1000 ℃.

6.  The flame temperature requirements: from 100 ± 2 ℃ ~ 700 ℃ ± 3 ℃, should be completed within 23.5 ± 1.0s.

7.  The flame height: 12mm ± 1mm.

8.  The burning time: 0s ~ 999.9s adjustable, generally set at 30s.

9.  Holding burning time: 0s ~ 999.9s, automatic recording, manual pause.

10.  Test Space: ≥0.5m3, black background, (can be customized cubic 0.75 m3 or 1 m3 according to customer requirements).

11.  Temperature sensor: K-type insulation-sheathed thermocouple (Φ0.5mm).

12.  Test program automatic control, independent ventilation system.

13.  Dimensions:1120 (L)* 520(W) * 1250(H)mm, exhaust Φ100mm.

14.  Test Power: 220V / AC, 50Hz.

   Product Details:   

Needle Flame Tester IEC 60695-11

Needle Flame Tester IEC 60695-11-5

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