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Thermal ignition performance tester, ISO 5657

The combustion characteristics of horizontally mounted building materials or basic flat materials and samples on any exposed surface are measured by a certain amount of radiation on the material surface, accompanied by a small flame ignition on the surface with some regularity.
  • GD-ISO5657

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Thermal ignition performance tester, ISO 5657

Thermal ignition performance tester, ISO 5657


The thermal ignition performance tester is designed according to the provisions of GB/T14523-2007 and ISO 5657-1997, and combined with the heating cone technology of GOLD cone calorimeter. The equipment mainly includes radiation cone, ignition system, gas supply system, calibration system, temperature control system, etc. (Pictures are for reference only)

Model: GD-ISO5657

Reference Standard:

▪ GB/T14523-2007

▪ ISO 5657-1997

Main Features:

1. The heating cone adopts the imported Watlow brand heating element, which ensures the durability and can give an over temperature alarm.

2. Double explosion-proof solenoid valve for gas circuit, redundancy design.

3. The body and paint of the box are beautiful and generous.

4. All internal clamps are made of stainless steel. The finished metal cam ensures the stability and durability of the structure.

5. Sample support frame: wall thickness 1.5mm.

6. The calibration plate is composed of a density of 200 ± 50KG/m ³ The side length is 165mm and the thickness is not less than 20mm.

7. The rated power of the conical heater is 3000W, the heat output is 0-70 kW/m2, and the resolution is 0.5 kW/m2.

8. Omega brand thermocouples imported from the United States are used, with automatic cold node compensation and temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃.

9. Meterm thermopile heat flow meter imported from the United States is used, and is equipped with a water cooling system to protect the heat flow meter safely. The accuracy is ± 3%, and the reproducibility deviation is 0.5%.

10. The ignition device is an automatic ignition, which is the ignition source of open fire. After the main burner is extinguished, it will automatically ignite and re ignite.

11. The motor speed can be accurately adjusted to ensure accurate ignition cycle and frequency.

12. The imported Dewell gas flowmeter can accurately control the gas flow.

13. A filter installed in the propane gas path will prevent contamination of the test gas path system.

14. Check valves prevent hazards.

15. PLC plus touch screen automatic control system, 16 bit data acquisition module.

16. The temperature monitor is 0 ℃~1000 ℃, and the temperature resolution of the control heater is ± 1 ℃.

17. The nominal range of the balance is 5000g, and the accuracy is 0.1g.

18. High temperature resistant gloves are provided for safe operation.

19. The test data is automatically recorded and saved.

20. The test value of standard acceptance samples shall not fluctuate by more than 3%.

21. The heat flow meter shall issue a factory report, and the flow meter shall provide a measurement certificate.

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