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Ignition Temperature Test Machine ASTM D1929

The ignition temperature tester is suitable for the hot air furnace method to determine the flash temperature and self-ignition temperature of plastics. It is one of the methods for evaluating the fire performance of plastics.
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Ignition Temperature Test Machine, ASTM D1929

ignition temperature test machine ASTM D1929


The ignition temperature tester is designed and manufactured according to the technical indicators and requirements specified in the national standard GB/T 4610-2008. Under the specified test conditions, the combustible gas decomposed from the material is ignited by an external flame and burned for a certain period of time, and then the minimum temperature of the material is measured.

It is one of the methods for evaluating the combustion performance of materials stipulated in national standards. The assay results are suitable for relative comparisons between materials.

  Test standard:  

  • GB/T 4610-2008 Plastics Determination of ignition temperature by hot air furnace method

  • GB/T 9343-2008 Test method for plastic combustion performance - Determination of flash over temperature and autoignition temperature

  • ASTM D 1929-1996 Test Method for Ignition Properties of Plastics

  Technical Paramter:  

1. The surface of the instrument is treated with spray paint, which is beautiful and elegant.

2. The inner diameter of the furnace tube is 100mm±5mm, the length is 240mm±20mm, and the temperature resistance is not lower than 750℃ ceramic tube.

3. The inner diameter of the inner tube is 75mm±2mm, the length is 240mm±20mm, and the temperature resistance is not lower than 750℃.

4. Stainless steel container size: inner diameter 9mm, height 48mm.

5. The inner diameter of the butane igniter is 1.8mm±0.3mm, and the flame height can be adjusted arbitrarily from 10mm to 20mm.

6. The copper ingot furnace can be constant at any temperature between (150-450) °C.

7. Equipped with a built-in fan to provide air source, and equipped with imported flowmeter to accurately control the gas flow.

8. The thermal insulation layer is composed of thermal insulation mineral wool with a thickness of more than 60mm, and is wrapped with stainless steel externally.

9. 3 imported thermocouples and temperature instruments detect the temperature in the furnace and the temperature of the sample.

10. The sample container is made of stainless steel.

11. Timer accuracy 0.1s.

12. Automatic heating program.

13. Ambient temperature: room temperature~40℃.

14. Ambient humidity: ≤75%.

15. Working voltage: AC 220 V±10V 50HZ; using power: 600W.

16. Temperature control accuracy: ±2°C, can only be adjusted between 150°C and 450°C.

17. Display accuracy: ±0.5℃.

18. Overall dimensions of the equipment: test furnace (0.4×0.4×0.5) m.

19. The weight of machine is about 20 Kg.

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