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Alcohol Blast Burner Combustion Tester, MT 181

It can determine the flame retardancy of coal mine flame-resistant conveyor belts, underground coal mine polymer products, underground coal mine plastic pipes, underground coal mine rubber pipes, hoses and hoses for hydraulic support, coal mine steel wire rope traction conveyor belt, coal mine steel wire rope core conveyor belt, coal mine belt conveyor rubber buffer roller.
  • GD-181Y

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Alcohol Blast Burner Combustion Tester, MT 181 


Alcohol Blast Burner Combustion Tester 1

Alcohol Blast Burner Combustion Tester

Application: It is suitable for coal mine flame retardant conveyor belt, coal mines, polymer products, coal mines under plastic tube, coal mines under the rubber tube, hydraulic bracket hose and hose, coal mine rope traction conveyor belt, coal mines steel wire rope rope Core ride, coal mines, rubber buffer rollers and other flame -retardant performances such as coal mines are non -metal products for coal mines (coal mines, windplaces coating cloth, transport bands, pipes, plastic networks, cables, glass reinforced steel products , Instrument and instrument Non -metal case and coal mine products non -metallic material supporting parts, etc.) The essential equipment for flame retardant performance test.


MT 181 - 1988

Product Description

Instrument characteristics

1. The use of precision hanging alcohol burner 

2. Combustion time automatic timing

3. The flame and blazing time automatic timing 

4. Flame height can be adjusted

Instrument composition:

The device is composed of alcohol burner, burner base, sample rack, fuel bottle, combustion test chamber and smoke exhaust system

Technical Parameters

  • Using precision hanging alcohol blast burner

  • Burning time: 0 ~ 999.9s adjustable, standard time 30s

  • Open Flame and Blazing Time Timer: 0 ~ 9999s; Accuracy: ±0.1s

  • Combustion Test Chamber Dimensions: 660mm * 660mm * 1065mm (mirror stainless steel)

  • Fuel: 5%(V/V)methanol and 95%(V/V)ethanol mixture

  • Flame Temperature: 960 ± 60℃

  • Flame Height: 150mm ~ 180mm

  • Fuel Cnsumption: 2.55 ± 0.15mL/min


  • Power Supply: AC220v 50Hz 5A

  • Overall Dimensions: 800mm(W) * 700mm(D) * 1300mm(H)

  • Fuel: methanol, ethanol (provided by customers)

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