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IEC 60331 Fire Resistance Tester for Wire And Cable

IEC 60331 Fire Resistance Tester for Wire And Cable comply with IEC 60331-11&12. It is used to test the fire resistance of wiring or power grid cables. Burning in a flame not lower than 750°C and 950°C, the test cable maintains the integrity of the circuit.
  • GD-IEC60332-1
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Fire Resistance Tester for Wire and Cable IEC 60331


Fire-resistant cable refers to the cable that can keep a safe running time in the case of flame combustion.

IEC 60331 divides the fire resistance test into A, B two classes, The flame temperature of A grade is 950 ~ 1000 ºC, and the continue flaming time is 90min, B grade flame temperature is 750 ~ 800 ºC, flaming time is 90 min. In addition, the test specimen shall bear the rated voltage during the test. Fire Resistance Tester is designed according to the requirements of IEC60331-11 and used to obtain the refractory characteristics of a fire resistant cable or optical cable under flame conditions.


  • IEC 60331 Part 11

  • IEC 60331 Part 21

  • BS 6387(Option)

   Main Features:   

1.  All fixtures are made of stainless steel.

2.  The burner is a belt type propane blowtorch with a Venturi mixer, and the burner nozzle is length 500mm, width 15mm.

3.  Those burning holes are staggered into 3 rows, and the front width is 15mm, holes diameter is 1.32mm and these holes center distance is 3.2mm.

4.  One end of the specimen holder is equipped with a clamp to fix the sample, and the other end is convenient for heat transfer along the longitudinal specimen.

5.  The cable sample is supported by two metal rings, and the middle length of the two rings is about 300mm.

6.  An inner diameter of the sample supporting metal rings is 150mm, and the cross-sectional diameter of the ring is 10 ± 2mm.

7.  The position of the burner torch from burning the bottom is not less than 200mm, and not less than 300mm from the tank wall.

Combustion System:

1.  Independent standard electrical control platform.

2.  With intelligent detection function, when a short circuit in the sample during the test, automatic alarm and turn off the fire source.

3.  Fuse current in the experimental circuit is 2A.

4. The sample is applied to power of AV 100V ~ 1000V adjustable;  5, The time can be set free for the fire, the time recommended by standards is 90min.

Device parameters:

1.  Voltage: AC 380V 3-phase, 50 / 60Hz, 30A.

2.  The input voltage 0 ~ 1000V; can be adjusted.

3.  The breakdown current is 2A.

4.  Maximum power: 5000VA.

5.  Timer: 0 ~ 999min .

6.  The flame temperature of 0 ~ 1100 ºC adjustable.

7.  The test load current is 0.25A, can be adjusted.


Size1,600 (W) × 850 (D) × 1,650 (H) mm
Console size600 (W) × 750 (D) × 1,200 (H) mm
PowerAC 380V 3-phase, 50 / 60Hz, 30A

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