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Specimen Slicing Machine

Specimen slicing machine is in line with IEC 60811, which is allocated to complete the hot set test and tensile test to meet with the product quality standard requirement. It must be used with the sample cutter that equipped with dumbbell die
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Specimen Slicing Machine

Product Description
Specimen Slicing Machine

Specimen Slicing Machine

It is suitable for IEC 60811 test standard, complete the thermal extension test and tensile test of the sample, so as to meet the requirements of the standard. The transmission part of the machine adopts DC excitation motor and reducer, with low noise, large power, uniform cutting, speed can be adjusted by itself.

This device is used with the microtome, which should be equipped with a dumbbell cutter die.


• GB/T 2951-2008

Technical Parameters:

• Max cutting width: 40mm

• Cutting speed: 12m/min

• Upper roller adjustment range: 0.5mm-15mm

• Motor power: 370W


• Overall dimensions: 600mm×450mm×980mm

• Power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz 3A

Dumbbell Die Sample Cutter

Dumbbell Die Sample Cutter

Dumbbell die sample cutter is used to cut rubber, insulation and sheath materials, make them to be standard-shaped sample for test. Allocated with various dumbbell cutter dies for different test requirements


• GB/T 2951.11-2008

Technical Parameters:

• Max stroke: 35mm

• Stroke adjustment range: 100mm

• Working bed size: 210×170mm

• International dumbbell cutter die: 50×8.5×4mm, 75×12.5×4mm

• Dumbbell cutter die is able to be customized


• Overall dimensions: 370mm×315mm×530mm

• Weight: 50kg

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