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IEC60112 Tracking Test Apparatus

Tracking index tester meets GB/T 4207, IEC 60112 and other test standards. Tracking index tester is used to evaluate the leakage resistance performance of the solid insulating material surface under the combined action of electric field and humid or polluted medium.
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IEC 60112 Tracking Test Apparatus

IEC 60112 Tracking index Tester


Tracking test apparatus is in strict accordance with GB4207, IEC60112 standards to design and manufacture . It is suitable for  lighting, low voltage electrical equipment, household appliances, electrical machines, motors, power tools, electronic equipment , electrical instruments. It also applies for insulation, plastic, electrical connectors, accessories industry. Method for the determination of the proof and the comparative tracking indices of solid insulating materials . It is simple, accurate, reliable, and practical features.




ASTM D 3638-92




1.  The combustion chamber paint treatment so it is corrosion-resistant. The dimensions of Tracking Test Apparatus: 1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm.

2.  All sample holders of the tracking test apparatus is made of stainless steel.

3.  The device consists of voltmeter, ammeter, time overcurrent relays, power supplies, circuit control system, push button switches, lights and other components;

4.  Automatic drip device includes dropping tube, drip nozzle, counting means counting device drip, drip control device, dropping the volume measuring tools;

5.  Drip nozzle device can be adjusted; adjust the height of 30-40mm; ensure dripping position in the middle of the two electrodes;

6.  The electrode means comprises platinum electrode, the electrode fixtures, 4mm gauge, etc., the electrode can be adjusted, removable;

7.  Electrode width 5mm, thickness 2mm, 99.9% purity platinum, 30 to 60 degrees tip;

8.  The electrode sample pressure adjustable, adjustable range (1.00N ± 0.001N); electrode distance 4.0mm ± 0.01mm, the angle 60 ° ± 5 °;

9.  With the sample stage;

10.  With the glass: Thickness ≥4mm;

11.  With electrolyte: sodium chloride and alkyl naphthalene sulfonic acid reagent each bottle.

Safety control system:

1.  The test voltage: 0 ~ 1000V adjustable. The maximum error of voltmeter displays : 1%.

2.  Short-circuit current: (1 Guests 0. 1) A. The voltage drop value does not exceed 10%.

3.  The test current exceeds 0.5A duration of more than two seconds, the system automatically shut down equipment.

4.  Security door control system; the door opens, the test system is not working.

5.  The electrode: 5mm × 2mm rectangular platinum electrode and brass electrode of each pair meet size requirements of IEC60112 Figure B.1.

6.  The electrode: the angle formed between the electrodes is 60 ° disabilities 5 °, a pitch of (4 Soil 0.1mm).

7.  The electrode: the sample pressure: 1 00N disabilities 0.05N.

8.  Drip system: (30 ± 5) seconds (on time 29.8S + open drip drip duration 0.2S) automatic counting, digital display (can be preset), 50 drops of time: (24.5 Soil 2) min.

9.  Drip systems: a drop of fluid needle tip to the sample surface height: 35mm disabilities 5mm (attach a gauge for measuring your reference).

10.  Drip systems: drip Weight: 20 drops: 0.380g ~ 0.489g; 50 drops:.. 0 997g ~ 1 147g.

11.  PLC with touch screen control system; to achieve test smarter, more convenient has been operated.

12.  The test data is automatically recorded, automatic storage, free retrieval.

IEC60112 Tracking test apparatus

GD-IEC60112 tracking index tester


Electrode material

electrode tip - platinum metal (platinum)

Electrode pressure

1.0 ± 0.05N

Electrode distance

4.0mm ± 0.01mm, the angle 60 ° ± 5

Electrode voltage

100 ~ 600V (48 ~ 60HZ) adjustable, short-circuit current 1.0 ± 0.1A  of less than 10%

Dropping height

For 30 ~ 40mm adjustable

Dropping size

44 ~ 55 drops / 1cm3 adjustable

Dropping time

30s ± 5s,

Dropping times

0 ~ 9999 times available

The leakage judgment

when loop current is greater than 0.5A and maintaining for 2 seconds,the relay cut off the current and result indicates sample failed

The testing process

automatic control, independent ventilation

The reference standard

IEC60112, GB / T4207, GB4706.1

The inside Volume

0.1 m³ (Can be customized 0.5 m³ or 0.75 m³)

The outside dimensions

630mm width x390mm depth x750mm height

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