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  • ISO 9705 Full Scale Room Fire Test


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  • What is the Comparative Tracking Index? Why do the tracking test?What is the Comparative Tracking Index?Comparative Tracking Index is an index used to measure the electrical breakdown (tracking damage) performance of insulating materials.Tracking occurs on the surface of isolating materials. Due to


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  • On May 31, we exported a GD-NFPA701-1 Curtain Flame Propagation Tester to a company in Korean.


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  • What is the oxygen index test?Oxygen concentration values are known as the Oxygen Index (OI) or, historically, the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). The oxygen concentration is measured using a paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and is controlled by varying the relative flow of oxygen and nitrogen through a ve


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  • In November, our customer from a lab in the USA purchased our GD-ISO1182 Building Material Non-Combustibility Tester.


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  • In September, a customer from Norway purchased our GD-1716 Bomb Calorimeter for building material heat of combustion test. We have completed production in late September.


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  • Determination of combustion properties in cone calorimeter A plurality of performance parameters of the combustion debris can be obtained using a cone calorimeter, such as heat release rate, mass loss rate, smoke generation rate, effective heat of combustion, ignition time, and toxicity and corrosivity concerning combustion gases. These performance parameters are determined under stable, real, and controllable conditions, and can be repeated at different times and locations. Therefore, it can be used as a reference for literature reference data to provide literature data for more research materials.


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  • What are the common combustion testers for textile combustion performance testing?For most textiles, combustion performance is one of the main indicators, so it is very necessary to carry out relevant tests. So, what are the common combustion testers for textile combustion performance testing? Vert


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  • Common flame retardancy tests include burn test, limiting oxygen index, glow wire test, smoke test and so on. The purpose of the flame retardant test is to evaluate the combustion characteristics of the material, that is, to test the sample by simulating the actual combustion conditions, and to eval


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