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Thermal Radiation Dripping Tester NF P 92-505

Thermal Radiation Dripping Tester meets NF P92-505, EU 95/28 / EC, ECE technical specifications and requirements of R118 Annex 7 of these Regulations. It is suitable for hot melt material effect in the primary heat source to evaluate the performance of dripping and burning performance testing.
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NF P92 Thermal Radiation Dripping Tester

NFP 92 Thermal radiation dripping tester


Thermal radiation dripping tester is developed according to the French building materials and railway vehicle flame retardant test standard NF P 92-505 and meets the requirements of the European Union 95/28/EC automotive interior materials fire test standards. The principle of the test is that the sample is subjected to 30 KW/m2 heat radiation by the upper radiant heat source, which may cause the combustion of the released gas to observe whether the sample will produce droplets and cause the burning of the fiber cotton. It is suitable for the melting and dripping of hot melt materials under the action of main heat sources and the burning performance test.


NF P92-505

EU 95/28/EC

ECE R118 Annex 7

   Main Feature:   

1. All fixtures are made of stainless steel material, appearance nice and corrosion resistance.
2. Radiation bracket can be rotated, the rotation angle is greater than 90 degrees and easy to install the sample.
3. Sample installation height can be adjusted.
4. The radiation heat of the radiator is 30KW/m2, up to 100KW/m2.
5. Output power of electric radiator: 500W .
6. The radiant heat radiator can be adjusted linear through the power control automatic adjustment.
7. The radiation shield is a quartz glass and the opening diameter is 100mm ± 5mm.
8. The heat radiation reachto to3W / cm³ the position 30mm from the radiation shield plane.
9. Sample holder ring is made of stainless steel and the inner diameter is 118mm.
10. Take off the plate inner diameter is 118mm, depth 12mm,internalplug of cotton.
11. Radiation cone can move up and down.
12. Automatic timing warning of sample ignition.
13. Radiometer imported from the USA which range is 0~100Kw/m2.

ECE R 118 annex 7 Thermal radiation dripping tester

Thermal radiation dripping tester










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