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ISO 6941 Fabric Surface Flame Spread Tester

Fabric Vertical Flame Spread Tester is suitable for one-component or multi-component (coating, quilt, layered, laminated products, and similar combinations) of clothing, drapes, valance and large tents, including Arbor and cover textile vertical flame spread properties determination. For evaluation under controlled conditions in the laboratory of material or combination of materials properties when exposed to flame.
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ISO 6941 Fabrics Vertical Flammability Tester


Fabric Surface Flame Spread Tester is developed and designed in accordance with the ISO6941 (GBT5456-2009 Textiles Burning Performance Measurement of the Flame Spread Performance of Vertical Samples); it also meets AS2755.2 and is used to determine the burning time of the textile fabric surface. Suitable for textile fabrics with fluff on the surface (such as pile, loop, tuft or similar surface).

The equipment is equipped with a touch screen intelligent control system; you can freely select related standard test procedures through the start interface; the test process is more convenient and simple.


Different accessories should be equipped with according to different standards.

• GB/T 5456-2009 Textiles Burning properties Determination of flame spread properties of samples in vertical direction

• GB/T 8745-2001 Textiles Burning properties Determination of burning time on fabric surface

• BS5438-1989 Test method for flammability of textile fabrics and fabric components by vertical burning of small flames

• ISO 10047-1993 Textiles-Determination of the burning time of the fabric surface

• ISO 6941-2003 Fabric vertical burning flame propagation performance test

• AS 2755.2-1985 flame propagation test for vertical burning of specimen


1. The cabinet is painted and equipped with a transparent observation window.

2. Internal dimensions of the combustion box: length 329mm x width 329mm x height 767mm.

3. Electronic automatic ignition. The ignition time can be set arbitrarily from 0 to 99.99 seconds, and the continuous burning time and flame retardant time are automatically recorded and digitally displayed.

4. Flame height can be adjusted, and flame temperature measurement device can be configured.

5. The burner is fixed on a sliding track for easy operation. When pushed to the burning position, it will automatically time.

6. Equipped with imported needle valve to accurately control the gas flow and adjust the flame height.

7. Equipped with imported flowmeter to accurately display gas flow.

8. Equipped with imported gas torch; flame heat release value is more stable.

9. Imported brand pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve to adjust gas pressure.

10. Equipped with ISO6941 sample holder; sample size: 560mm×170mm. Positioning nail 150mm.

11. PLC+ touch screen intelligent control system; the test process is more convenient and simple.

12. The system will automatically ignite, time automatically, and automatically store test data.

13. Optional: Thermal printer, which can print test reports on the screen at any time.


1. Ignition timer: 0~99.99 seconds can be set arbitrarily (12 seconds are used as standard);

2. Timer for continuous burning time and flame retardant time: 0-99.99 seconds, accuracy: ±0.01 seconds;

3. Flame height measuring device: the height of the scale is 40mm;

4. Use gas: propane and butane mixed gas or butane: customer's own;

5. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W;

6. Weight: about 100kg.

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Fabric Surface Flame Spread Test Apparatus

Fabric Surface Flame Spread Tester ISO6941

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