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Ship Glow Wire Tester and Drum Test Machine to Turkey

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Ship Glow Wire Tester and Drum Test Machine to Turkey

Ship Glow wire tester and Drum test machine to Turkey

Glow wire tester

A Glow wire tester and a drum test machine are shipped to Turkey

Glow wire tester is according to IEC 60695-2-10: 2000, GB / T 5169.10-2006, GB / T 5169.13-2006 and GB 4706.1 standard "glowing filament test method"to design and produce.  Requirements applicable to electrical and electronic products, household appliances and materials fire hazard testing, simulate burning elements or overload resistance and the like heat or ignition source thermal stress caused by a shorttime.

Glow wire tester adopts chamber part and control part integrated design, convenient installation and debugging.  Test chamber shell and important parts of can be stainless steel manufacturing, smoke, gas corrosion resistance;  Automatic regulation control system adopts thyristor current, achieve the purpose of precise control temperature;  Time, temperature digital display, easy observation records, stable and reliable use.

Drum test machine is based on GB4706 GB2099 and other standards: plug-type rectifiers, transformers, plug-in electrical appliances and power socket-mounted lamps should have sufficient mechanical strength requirements, and the device is used for drop tests in the drum.

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