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ISO 9705 Full Scale Room Fire Test

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ISO 9705 Full Scale Room Fire Test

ISO 9705 Full Scale Room Fire Test

ISO 9705 Fire testing -full Scale Room test for surface produts

The ISO 9705 specification is applicable to the inner surface of the wall and the surface of the ceiling. The internal dimensions of the ISO9705 test room are: length: 3.6±0.05m; width: 2.4±0.05m; height: 2.4±0.05m.

The necessity of ISO 9705 Full Scale Room Fire Test

Most of the methods used for fire science research in the laboratory are on a small scale, and fires are exothermic phenomena with a considerable heat release scale. Many experimental models built on the same principle can be used for material evaluation. Standard test methods for fire are necessary to assess the reliability of laboratory method data. In the room, the fire source placed in the corner is considered to be the most dangerous possibility. The GB/T 25207-2010/ISO9705 large-scale chamber angle test is considered to be very similar to the actual fire situation, so it is very necessary for the GB/T 25207-2010/ISO9705 large-scale chamber angle test for high-risk materials and locations.

The principle of ISO 9705 Full Scale Room Fire Test

The total heat flow is measured by setting the heat flow meter at the center of the ground to estimate the possibility of the fire in the room spreading from the ignition source to other objects. The probability of fire spreading to objects outside the room is estimated by measuring the total heat release rate of the combustion. Determining the hazard of reduced visibility by measuring certain toxic gases. Record fire growth by taking pictures and video.

The fire test method of ISO 9705 Full Scale Room Fire Test

The test device consists of four parts, including combustion chamber, flue gas collection and sample gas collection system, gas analysis and data processing system, and gas supply system. The test is carried out in a combustion chamber with a sample surface area of about 21m2 and the door is normally open, and the tested materials are installed according to the actual use conditions. Because the test is a full-scale scale, the purpose is to reproduce the fire safety of the sample in actual use, so it needs to be installed according to the end use, and the different installation methods directly affect the test data and test results. A right-angled triangle sand box burner is installed at the contact point between the corner of the room and the wall. The gas is propane gas. During the test, the gas flow should be controlled to make the standard heat output of the fire source 100kW in the first 10 minutes. When the material does not crash , adjust the gas flow to increase the heat output to 300kW for 10 minutes. The test was stopped when flashover occurred during the total 20-minute test period. Determination of crash phenomenon can be judged by observation and test curve of heat release rate.

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