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High Voltage Tracking Index Test Apparatus, IEC 60587

High Voltage Tracking Index Test Apparatus, IEC 60587 is suitable for evaluating the tracking resistance and corrosion resistance of electrical insulating materials used in severe environmental conditions for electrical and electronic products, household appliances and their materials.
  • GD-GB/T6553
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High Voltage Tracking Index Test Apparatus, IEC 60587

IEC 60587 High Voltage Tracking Index Tester


This instrument is suitable for testing electrical and electronic products, household appliances and their materials for tracking resistance and corrosion resistance. It simulates the use of liquid contaminants and inclined plane samples under power frequency (48Hz - 62Hz) to pass the tracking resistance test. The measurement of corrosion and corrosion evaluates the resistance to tracking and corrosion of electrical insulating materials used under severe environmental conditions. This machine is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with GB/T 6553-2014 and IEC 60587.

Model: GD-GB/T6553

   Test Standard:   

GB/T 6553-2014 、IEC 60587


1. Number of test groups: five groups.

2. Electrode: 0.5mm thick material is 304 stainless material, distance between upper and lower electrodes: 50.0 mm±0.1.

3. Test voltage: 100V-6000V steplessly adjustable.

4. Voltage stability: ±1%.

5. Voltage regulator: output: 0 ~ 250V can be adjusted, capacity 5KVA.

6. Test transformer: capacity 5KVA, maximum output voltage AC6000V (or DC6000V optional).

7. Output voltage: DC.

8. High-precision voltage regulator: output AC220V power 6000W, accuracy ±1%.

9. When the high-voltage loop current reaches or exceeds 60mA for 2S during the test, the relay will act to cut off the current, and the buzzer will alarm to indicate that the test product is unqualified. At this time, press the voltage stop to cancel the alarm sound.

10. Judgment of marking: According to the standard GB/T6553-2014/4.1.2, apply voltage (2.5kV, 3.5kV and 4.5kV, 6KV) to the sample, and drop the polluting liquid at a certain flow rate, The current below 60mA for 6H does not flow through.

11. Test time: 6 hours.

12. Interval time of dripping: the test time can be preset, and it can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 99.99S/M/H.

13. Dropping device: high-precision dripping device, the height of the dripping device can be adjusted, using Rever precision peristaltic pump, the flow range is 0.00185 ~ 20 ml/min, the working speed is 0.1 ~ 50 rpm, the flow accuracy error: <0.5 %.

14. Test solution: ammonium chloride, isooctylphenoxypolyethoxyethanol, non-ionic wetting agent and distilled water or deionized water mixture. The resistivity of the polluted solution at (23±0.05)Ω·m should be (23±0.05) ℃.

15. Size of filter paper: It is made according to standard size requirements, and the thickness of filter paper is 0.15~0.17mm.

16. Chassis: SUS304 stainless steel (brushed surface).

17. The sewage tank is made of 316 stainless steel, and a closed device is installed.

18. The volume of the studio: 900L*650W*950H(mm), the volume is 0.56m3.

19. Dimensions of the instrument: 1300L*700W*1800H(mm).

20. The test system is controlled by PLC, which can control any working group independently.

21. Control device: PLC+touch screen control, precise control, simple operation, fully humanized design, automatic generation and saving of test report after the test.

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