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What parapmeter cone calorimeter can meaure?

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What parapmeter cone calorimeter can meaure?

Parameters that the cone calorimeter can determine

The parameters, obtained in the experimental section, using the calorimeter will be listed below:

1.Residual weight of the sample [%], that is, the weight of the combustion residue of the pyrolyzed sample during the test.

2.HRR (heat release rate): heat release rate [kW/m2 ], i.e. the thermal power developed by the sample referred to the unit of radiated surface

3.pHRR (peak heat release rate): corresponds to the peak of the HRR function. It is measured in [kW/m2]

4.THR (total heat release): heat developed per unit area [MJ/m2]. Represents the time integral of the HRR function

5.TML (total mass loss): the total mass lost due to combustion [g]

6.TSR (total smoke emission): time trend of smoke emissions [m2/m2]

7.CO and CO 2 yield : refers to the production of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide per unit mass of pyrolyzed sample [kg /kg]

However, it should be noted that the measurements mentioned above are characterized by a modest reproducibility and this is due to the complexity of the instrument, the numerous variables involved in the combustion process and the processing to which the data are subjected; For this reason, as a general rule, tests are performed on at least five specimens for each sample

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