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Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester, ISO 15025

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Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester, ISO 15025

Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester, ISO 15025

Product Introduction: 

Protective Clothing flame spread tester for protective clothing is designed and produced according to the ISO 15025 flame test standard for protective clothing, which can test the flame spread state of protective clothing under a small flame impact. It is mainly used as a professional instrument for simulating the fire hazard of protective clothing when assessing the flame spread performance, and it is used for the determination of the fire hazard of flammable materials of textile materials, or other similar functional purposes. 

Reference Standard: 

BS EN ISO 15025:2016 Protective clothing-Protection against heat and flame-Method of test for limited flame spread.

Main Features: 

1. The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel, elegant appearance, corrosion resistance. Sizes: 1200mm X 600 mm x 1200 mm.

2. All the sample holders are made of stainless steel manufacturing; corrosion resistance.

3. The sample holders size: 1:160*200 mm, 2: 80 mm*200 mm.

4. Imported standard burner, nozzle orifice 0.19 mm. Flame height: 25 mm ± 2 mm; vertical length: 40 mm ± 2mm.

5. Test time is automatically recorded and storage, timer accuracy 0.1s.

6. PLC control system with touch screen. Test process is more intelligent. Test data is automatically recordedand storage.

7. Imported brand pressure gauge and regulating valve make the gas pressure more stable.

8. The imported needle valve can precisely control the flame height to make the flame more stable.

9. High intelligence, simple operation, easy to operate.

10. Equipped with two sets of sample holders for surface combustion and bottom combustion, both of whichare made of stainless steel.

Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester, ISO 15025               Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester

11. The system automatically ignites and extinguishes automatically.

12. Equipped with flame height gauge.

13. The burner angle can be adjusted horizontally, vertically, 30°.

14. The programmable controller 7" touch screen realizes control/detection/calculation/data display.

15. Pulse high voltage electronic automatic ignition.

16. There is no need to hold a stopwatch or manuscript timing, the test time system is automatically recorded,and an experimental report is generated.

17. The test time and heating time can be set on the touch screen. Meet the requirements of a variety of teststandards.

18. The surface burning and bottom burning test programs can be switched.

Electrical requirements:

1. Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz.

2. Gas: mixed gas of propane and butane or butane: provided by the user. 

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