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EN 13823 (SBI)Building Materials Single Burning Item Combustion Test

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EN 13823 (SBI)Building Materials Single Burning Item Combustion Test

EN 13823 (SBI)Building Materials Single Burning Item Combustion Test

EN 13823 Standard Name

EN 13823 Reaction to fire tests for building products - Building products excluding flooring exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item

EN 13823 Standard Introduction

EN 13823 specifies methods for determining the fire response performance of a building product (excluding flooring materials) in a single combustion test (SBI)

The standard was developed to determine the fire response properties of flat construction products. Special provisions are required for certain products, such as linear products (casings, pipes, cables,etc.).

EN 13823 Reference Standard

EN 60584-1 Thermocouples - Part 1: Index tables (idt IEC 584-1:1995)

EN 13501-1 Classification of fires for building products and components - Part 1 : Classification of test data for fire response

EN 13239 Fire resistance test for building products - General rules for condition adjustment procedures and substrate selection

EN ISO 13943 Fire vocabulary Part 2: Fire test terminology (ISO 13943:2000)

EN 13823 Test Principle

A sample consisting of tow vertical-angled vertical wings is exposed to a flame produces by a main burner at the right angle. The flame is produced by the combustion of propane gas, and the propane gas passes through the sandbox burner and produces a heat output of (30.7 ± 2.0 KW).

The combustion performance of the test was evaluated by the entire test process for 20 min. Performance parameters include: heat release, smoke production, lateral flame propagation, and combustion of drips and particulate matter.

Before the main burner is ignited, the burners own heat output and smoke production should be measured for a short period of time using an auxiliary burner that is further away from the sample.

Some parameter measurements can be made automatically, while others can be obtained by visual inspection. The exhaust duct is equipped with sensors that measure the temperature, the attenuation, the mole fraction of O2 and CO2, and the airflow in the pipeline that causes the pressure differential. These values are automatically recorded and used to calculate volumetric flow rate, heat release rate (HRR) and smoke produce rate (SPR).

The lateral propagation of the flame and the combustion of the drips and particulate matter can be measured by visual inspection.

EN 13823 SBI Fire Testing Equipment 

EN 13823 sample requirements

The angle specimen has two wings, long and short, respectively, and the sample has a thickness of 200 mm.

The dimensions of the panel products are as follows:

a) Short wing: 495 ± 5 mm * 1500 ± 5 mm

b) Long wing: 1000±5 mm*1500±5 mm

EN 13823 test requirements

In the European Standard EN 13501-1 Building Materials and Components Combustion Classification, Class A2, Class B, Class C, and Class D are as follows for EN 13823:

Class A2: FIGRA 120 W/S and LFS < sample edge and THR600s 7.5 MJ

Class B: FIGRA 120 W/S and LFS < sample edge and THR600s 7.5 MJ

Class C: FIGRA 250 W/S and LFS < sample edge and THR600s 15 MJ

Class D: FIGRA 750 W/S

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