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Cone Calorimeter

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Cone Calorimeter

Cone Calorimeter

1.  Application

Cone calorimeters are currently the most ideal test instrument for evaluating the behavior of materials in a fire.

2. Standard

GB/T 16172-2007

ISO 5660-1:2002

3. Product technical parameters

3.1 heating system

Cone heater

 Rated power 5000 W, heat output 0~100 (Kw/m2)

Thermocouple K type

 American brand OMEGA

Heat flow meter

 American brand

Temperature control

 PID closed loop control is used for easy operation. (temperature error is ±1 °C)


3.2 Light System

Light sensor

 The light signals in the 350 mm to 1100 mm wavelength range

Optical system calibration

 Five files (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) automatically calibrate and save data for easy operation.


3.3 weighing system

Load cell

 Siemens, precision 0.05 G


3.4 exhaust system


 Fan, smoke collecting hood, exhaust pipe and orifice flowmeter (American brand pressure measurement)


 Under normal state, the wind speed is 24 m/s, and the inverter is closed-loop controlled with an accuracy of 0.05 m/s.


3.5 gas control system

Mass flow controller

 Japanese brand, accuracy 0.2%

C coefficient calibration

 Automatic calibration and data saving, easy to operate


3.6 Flue gas treatment system


 KNF diaphragm pump, M&C condenser


 Soot filtration, fine filtration, condensation/drying/dehumidification filtration, dry filtration, fine filtration

3.7 Analysis System

3.7.1 Analyzer:


 domestic analyzer

 imported analyzer

Data detection error

 0.15%; 0.05%




Response time

 18 s

 15 s

Zero drift



Mileage drift



4. Equipment as a whole

1) Weight: 350 KG

2) Size: 1680 mm (L) * 686 mm (W) * 1920 mm (H)

3) One bottle of methane gas (test C factor)

4) Power supply: AC 380, 30 A

5) A bottle of N2, purity 99.999% (analyzer calibration)

6) One bottle of calibration gas (within 10% CO2 concentration and within 1% CO concentration)

5. Software Description

5.1 Full-featured and complete control system, error reporting system, data acquisition and analysis system, calibration system, test system, system parameter setting and report editing system.

5.2 Test results:

1) Heat release rate

2) Total heat release

3) Smoke generation rate

4) Quality loss rate

5) Effective heat of combustion

6) Total oxygen consumption

7) Total smoke production

8) Specific extinction area

9) Carbon dioxide production

10) Carbon monoxide production

11) Analyzer delay time

12) C factor

13) Peak and average heat release rate

14) Effective combustion heat peak, average

15) Peak and average mass loss rate

16) Specific extinction area peak and average

17) Peak and average carbon dioxide production

18) Peak and average carbon monoxide production

19) Report generation of graphics including information, time after processing, and feedback test status ( PDF version )


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