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ISO 12127, EN 702 Protective Clothing Contact Heat Transmission Test Apparatus

Protective clothing flame spread tester is according to ISO 15025 standard to design and produce . It can test the flame spread state under the small flame . It is used to simulate the protective clothing is at the risk of ignition to assume the flame spread performance . It is also suitable for the fabric material or other similar functional use of combustible materials .
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ISO 12127 Protective Clothing Contact Heat Transmission Test Apparatus


This contact heat transmission tester for fire protection clothing is designed and manufactured according to ISO12127-2007 and EN702.

Protective clothing contact heat transmission test apparatus uses the heating cylinder to provide a constant temperature while contacting with the sample under a certain load, and a calorimeter to measure the heat transfer properties. The instrument is easy to operate, the data is accurate and reliable, widely adopted in fire protective clothing companies and inspection departments.


Safety protction


ISO 12127-2007

- Clothing for protection against heat and flame -- Determination of contact heat transmission through protective clothing or constituent materials

EN 702

- Protective clothing. Protection against heat and flame. Test method. Determination of the contact heat transmission through protective clothing or its materials


1.  This testing instrument is consists of a control box and stainless steel test gantry.

2.  The sample holder is automatic lifting, lifting speed is 5mm ± 0.2mm/s.

3.  The K type sheathed thermocouples, diameter 2mm, temperature measurement accuracy is 0.1 ºC.

4.  Heating barrel temperature is higher than 500℃, the contact surface of the sample diameter is 25.2±0.05mm.

5.  Barrel heating load weight 49N is adjustable.

6.  Timer scope 0 to 99999s, timing accuracy up to 0.1s.

7.  Calorimeter fixed disk diameter is 25mm, thickness 5mm, and assembled with a platinum resistance temperature sensor.

8.  Support frame material is nylon 66, diameter 40mm and height 50mm.

9.  Specimen diameter should be 80mm.

10.  PLC and touch screen for an intelligent control system.

11.  PID intelligent temperature control system automatically collects temperature data.

12.  Test data is automatically calculated and stored by the system, the test result can be printed freely.

13.  Test table size: 650mm x 350 mm x 650mm.

14.  Power supply 220V 50 / 60Hz, power 800w, can be customized.

15.  Weight: about 50 kg

16.  Ambient Temperature: Operating25±5℃

17.  Gas Supplies requirement: Propane and air compressed air

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