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BS En 367 ISO 9151 Protective Clothing Heat Transmission Tester

Heat transmission Tester for fire protection clothing is designed according to ISO9151 and EN367; The instrument is simple to operate, the data is accurate, safe and reliable. It is widely used in fire protective clothing related companies and inspection departments;
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BS En 367 ISO 9151 Protective Clothing Heat Transmission Tester


A new term heat transfer index (HTI) has been introduced to avoid confusion with the thermal protective index (TPI) or other terms used in previous versions of this test. Heat transfer index is calculated from the mean time in seconds to achieve a temperature rise of 24±0.2℃ when testing by this method using a copper disc and a starting temperature of 25±5℃. The heat transfer index provides a method of grading materials which does not imply that the material tested will give any precise protective time under actual use conditions.


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ISO 9151

- Protective clothing against heat and flame -- Determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame

BS EN 367

- Protective clothing. Protection against heat and fire. Method for determining heat transmission on exposure to flame


1.  The apparatus is designed and manufactured according to EN 367 and ISO9151 standards.

2.  The apparatus consists of the burner, the cover sheet and the specimen holder with copper calorimeter.

3.  The cover sheet and the specimen holder are controlled via pneumatic transmission which is automatically controlled by software.

4.  A horizontally oriented test specimen subjected to an incident heat flux of 80KW/m2 from the flame of a Meker burner beneath it.

5.  The heat passing through the specimen is measured by means of a small copper calorimeter on top of and contact with the specimen.

6.  The time to record a temperature rise of 12 or 24℃ in the calorimeter is recorded in seconds.

7.  The calorimeter cooling device shorten the test time.

8.  The mean result for the three test specimens is calculated as the HTI.

9.  The calibration of heat flow density of 80 kW/m2 is performed automatically by software.


500mm(W)X 500mm(H)X 500mm(D)
about 25 kg
230 volts Nominal 10 Amps
Ambient Temperature
Operating 25±5℃
Gas Supplies
Propane and air compressed air

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